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Here’s a photo of Lucas before Amelie was born and here’s the story behind it: that day we were happy we were officially lice free. That’s right, he brought back from the nursery some very unwelcome guests. But mummy took care of it.

He just started reception and I had been a rollercoaster of emotions ever since I realised my baby is not a baby anymore, but officially a big school boy. Nonetheless, there were so many things to look at now he reached this amazing milestone: his new school gear: plenty of uniform changes, shoes, pencil box, colouring kits, backpacks etc and one thing that you may not find surprising after the little nursery story: a bottle of head lice treatment ready for any delicate new emergencies. That’s right, this time I’m all ready. Did you also know that 1 in 3 children gets lice at one point during their childhood? So being cautious can only be a good thing here.

What I don’t really wish for is going through the stressful process my mum went through when we were little and came back home with little hair lodgers. Also what I would definitely not want to go through is the horrible smelling products she had no choice but use for my sister and I. I’ve learnt about using a hair treatment called Vamousse which is so great, easy to use and the smell is rather nice, it’s non-greasy yet best of all, you only need to do it once.

According to Vamousse research, there are a number of products on the market for treating head lice infestations, but some require several hours on the hair before they can be washed out or require repeat application after treatment (I still have the flashback of spending a few good hours with a wet towel and smelly product in my hair right after I started school).

There is now a new generation of head lice treatment:

A New Generation Treatment

Mums know how stressful lice experiences are, therefore I’m being rather grateful for a shampoo treatment which is proven to kill 100% of lice and eggs within #OnlyFifteenMinutes (in scientific tests) while it’s pesticide and silicone oil free. Vamousse promises no need to reapply while being suitable for children over 2 years. The mousse comes with a free steel comb to help you remove all remaining dead lice and eggs. Here’s a video to explain the entire process easier.

Good luck, mums! May Vamousse be with you!

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