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Oh, you loonies…

Ever since I joined the frothy voices of the blogging world (shortly after sinking myself into this deep, mad motherhoody pool) I started to notice the abundance of businesses and projects that most of the time start in the comfort of these crazy enough women’s own homes. I often stumble upon handmade unbelievably bonny and genius things using artisanal clever skills, online visionary wisdom, creative cooking, baking, painting, blogging, writing, printing, drawing, innovative upcycling, beauty enhancing etc call it as you wish, these fruitcakes seem fearless despite limited or, sometimes, inexistent financial resources.

What are they thinking? Do they honestly believe they’ll be changing the world, close the malls and put an end to the third world countries’ cheap labour and slavery with their chancy experiments from the very comfort of their crowded living rooms or cluttered kitchens? While changing nappies, conference phoning while even breastfeeding and involuntarily memorising nursery rhymes? What are you thinking, nutters…

Yet wow. Most often, the projects of these strong, yet vulnerable souls who were brave enough to call on a life mostly ruled by wobbly moody tiny humans, use motherhood as a genuine impulse to get them focused, hopeful and sharp. They are giving up the securities of a steady income job, paid holidays, enticing benefits and, along with these, the daily healthy socialising time with their adult co-workers. This is when we realise how life changing this infatuation for a tiny human actually is…How strong mothers’ desire of becoming better for their offspring really is and how all these make their wish of grabbing that little flexibility around their education and wellbeing even stronger. This, to me, is priceless.

I, therefore, think it’s our moral duty to share and value their hard work by choosing over supporting the big fat cold brands that aren’t just occasionally using overseas child labour and where marketing costs are up 99.9% bigger than the manufacturing.

Mumpreneurs have always been the superwomen. Mumpreneurs defy office walls, break through working schedules, work when others are sleeping, fracture routines, multitask while creating and supporting the lives of future generations. Mumpreneurs inspire. Mumpreneurs empower.

So don’t underestimate the love a mother has for her child. It pushes her to go the extra mile, tests her nerves, limits and boundaries. Because their new entrepreneurial job is a gambling and most often they play every card they have in order to make success part of their path through this challenging life.

Mumpreneurs don’t always have a voice. You, the one reading this, can be their voice by supporting a mum who gives up a corporation job so she could pursue her dream and change her world. Allow her to insert the beauty and creativity of her work into yours as by recognising her efforts you’re getting a piece of her world full of hope. Buy a handmade card from a mum of two, get a bib, try on some jewellery. Have a photoshoot, go buggy training, ditch the gym this month, work out with a mum who is that fantastic instructor just around the corner of your house. Have a guitar lesson, learn a language, have a beauty treatment, there’s always a skilful mum around you ready to help you and your family. Have a cooking master class.

Spread the word when you meet a cool talented mum who has the power to inspire the ones she touches. Trust her with your children. Trust her with yourself. There are the thoughts coming from an aspiring mumpreneur who will continue to empower the ones like myself because our work matters…Our work is genuine, our skills are real…



Aly, Allmumstalk

P.S. Yes, we are a bunch of loonies giving up the securities of steady often well-paid jobs…But we are a bunch of loonies with creative lucrative ideas and any good idea needs a good pair of hands. And good pairs of hands need support and encouragement so they can create jobs for other good pairs of hands while filling gaps in our very own economy. Therefore, mumpreneurs, don’t stop thinking big. The world is yours.

  1. Amazing! Thank you for your thoughts and cool feedback! All the best for you and I hope you’ll get to inspire and guide so many of us going through this mad journey called motherhood. Valerie, let’s keep in touch 🙂

  2. Thank you for this! I’m a mumpreneur who has started an empowerment coaching business to support women starting their journey into Motherhood. I’m also a crafty-type who may very well do that for income to or at least just for fun. I’ve been trying to decide how I want to reach out to my friends about supporting me as I get off the ground and sharing your article was perfect!

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