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I recently attended a very exciting event in a ‘secret bear cave’ in Clapham where my cubs and I discovered some very interesting behind the scenes facts about BEAR Nibbles, the healthy snacks company which I don’t think needs much introduction (my son has been a genuine fan).

Getting my toddler into healthier eating habits has been a REAL challenge for the past couple of years. That’s why I’m always thrilled to listen to other mums’ tips and meet with experienced teams who know how to ease the process.

Shortly after we arrived at the bear cave, the kids settled in for some fun Sharky&George entertainment. They started by making their own chef hats and name badges while mums were hanging out with the lovely BEAR team, preparing the kitchen site for a baking session of Yoyos (the most popular snack from the BEAR Nibbles range). The session was followed by a very interesting chat with Laura Clark, a leading children’s nutritionist.

First things first. What we have learnt is that all BEAR snacks are made with 100% pure fruit and veg, and no added sugars (providing though at least 1 of your 5 a day) while Laura has confirmed they are also low in natural sugars. I know there is a lot of discussion both in the media and amongst friends and family on the pros and cons of different children’s snacks, including fruit snacks, yet some, like BEAR, are much healthier than others because they’re made in a different way to other brands. The whole fruit (and veg) are very gently mashed before getting in the oven on a low temperature, so that the end product retains more of the natural goodness.

Lucas being a BEAR

What I like even more is that the Yoyos are never from concentrates, they are instead the whole fruit and veg which makes them a great source of fibre. This comes in comparison to some mass market fruit snacks which are produced using a more intense production process, using fruit concentrates and juices, boiled to high temperatures, and subjected to high pressures; this can cause the cellular structure of the fruit to break down resulting in a very different end product.


Chop chop, little BEARs

Nonetheless I’m sure most of you already seen or even tried these nibbles. Each packet includes two pure fruit & veg rolls and a collectible BEAR fact card. Each year, the BEAR cards focus around a new theme, bringing to life a world that is both fun and engaging for kids, while helping to teach them something new. Lucas has been a very serious collector 😉

I must say I found BEAR Yoyos to be the perfect lunchbox snack, I mostly add it to picnics or children’s birthday parties as the healthy alternative to all those naughty sugar high sweets. It’s always been a winner on our car trips and I’m often using it as incentive to get toys tidy-up done in the afternoon.

If you have any more questions, feel free to add them in the comments box below or you can find BEAR Nibbles here.

This article has been written in partnership with Bear Nibbles and all opinions are mine. I’m very grateful for being invited by the BEAR Nibbles team as I have been using the brand for over 4 years so we can see how their most popular product (the Yoyos, Lucas’ favourite)  are being made.

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