Half wife, half mum…Half term…


I’m very much aware summer is just around the corner (despite the latest scary, autumn like thunderstorms over London!) and I know I’m beyond late posting this very springy gallery, but can one really say no to a Peggy‘s scrumptious cupcake and a generous mug of hot chocolate? I thought you might just agree with me and go along…:)

I was thinking for a theme to match Anna‘s photo gallery below, but it’s half term and my brain is half awake, I’m beyond tired, therefore I’ll just go with today’s insta post theme and plagiarise myself a little…That shouldn’t be much frowned upon 😉

Nonetheless, I’m not writing this article while also admiring my silky, smooth and freshly shaved leg (yes, I am saying leg, because obviously, somehow, the other one didn’t seem to deserve the same treatment – oops, my baby brain did it again!).

My kitchen is not full of half eaten chicken nuggets, my floors are not sticky from all the watermelon squeezed by the tiniest hands in the house. And I finally managed to wash my hair and even got a face mask without being interrupted 258 times by a screaming baby trying to crawl away from her sugar high toddler brother! I also didn’t shhhnack on all the forbidden chocolatey stuff from my naughty cupboards and my almost nice months old baby FINALLY  stopped teething.

I also had a great, relaxing afternoon nap. And yes, I still look just like in these photos I didn’t take in February :)) ……..

ooooh wait….

Now scrap all that and let’s get serious. My husband had THAT delightful afternoon nap, the floors ARE sticky, I DIDN’T wash my hair and this half term IS going well…

So if one has any tips on how to stay alive and help me fake a decent look during half term, join the conversation here. I’d forever be grateful.

Now enjoy the gallery, but I won’t lie, it was cold! Anna was cold (luckily the baby not so much) yet as during the weekend prior to this shoot, my Ted Baker sandals were on a massive sale, one thing led to another which led to this…et voila 🙂








Fashion Styling

Skirt Horrockses on ASOS

Crop top Harrockses on ASOS (perfect for breastfeeding, who knew?!)

Hairstyle: none, I didn’t have the time between trying to find the sandals my son had hidden in his toy box and looking for my Oyster card…

Make up: By Terry (mostly my own work, lipstick added by my 4 year old makeup artist)

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