Brunching at Peggy’s


Oh, pretty-in-pink vibes all year round…

It’s been almost one year since the second Peggy Porschen cafe opened its doors and what a milestone it has been for one of the most popular hot spots in London! Actually it’s fair to say the new Chelsea location is so much more than a cafe this time. Let’s see why…

First things first, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I thought it might be quite nice to take the hubby out for brunch considering we’re both pretty busy with our own work and the kids on a daily basis. Despite working mostly from home and having him around for the past few months – thanks to his flexible legal work projects, we still haven’t made much time for each other. So this brunch break was more than welcome and relaxing  if I don’t count Amelie’s mild terrible twos tantrum in the beginning and Justin’s brief conference calls and speedy emails i made sure he got told off before our food arrived 😉

Right, let’s cut straight to the chase!


PEGGY’S scrumptious brunch & best PANCAKES in town!!!

London mum allmumstalk peggy Porschen
Buttermilk Pancakes with Fresh Berries, Lemon & Vanilla Mascarpone, Maple Syrup & Red Berry Coulis with Amelie’s eager fingerprints already on

The time stood still the very moment our brunching treats filled the already beautifully decorated table. Fresh blooms to cheer us up, on our table and in our food! Even Justin, who’s not exactly a daily pink vibes embracer, truly appreciated the entire experience, starting with the split over two floors stunning space, scrumptious food and relaxed atmosphere. Not to mention that he was over the moon with the fact that there are quite a few dairy free options on the menu he could indulge in.

The menu is rather generous and colourful. I went for eggs on sourdough with maple cured bacon and avocado, with freshly squeezed orange juice, and Justin picked the same (minus the bacon – he doesn’t have my constant pregnancy cravings for anything maple). Followed by sharing Amelie’s pancakes, lucky for me, she was in the mood for sharing this time! 🙂

Last treat had to be the mandatory cupcake, scroll down for the ultimate Valentine’s Day sweet treat.

Family friendly space

There is definitely more space in the new location and it’s absolutely family friendly. The staff is extremely proactive and they’d assist with the any help you might need. This was the first time we took our new Thule Spring stroller to a coffee shop, read a full review here.

Thule Spring fits like a dream wherever she goes
Valentine’s Gift? Sorted!

Allmumstalk peggy Porschen mum London
Blooms everywhere
Allmumstalk peggy Porschen mum London
Cakes everywhere
Allmumstalk peggy Porschen mum London
Pink heaven

Needless to mention this is all bloggers’ photography favourite spot, it got the light, it got the blooms, it got the cakes! It made the perfect occasion to wear my new Olivia Rubin Amelie dress (because mama needs a double treat sometimes, and sequins for branching may as well help), nicely paired with my new Soru Jewellery earrings.

Allmumstalk peggy Porschen London cafe London coffee shop
Olivia Rubin Amelie dress
Allmumstalk London coffee shop London cafe London mum
Soru Jewellery

Every time someone visits us in London, we take them to Peggy’s.
It’s pretty much a landmark now.

There’s no question why 😉

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