Mother’s Day – last minute gift guide…


It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it.

This saying has been hunting me for the past three years (ever since I joined the motherhood crew) yet I still haven’t got the impulse to Google it for its credit. Whoever said it though, feast bump!

There’s this one special day each year to remind the world that the woman raising a new generation of tiny humans is in need of a perky treat. Because she’s worth it. First, she’d probably feel she doesn’t deserve it because she already got what she has ever dreamt for when the wee fingers and toes met the outside world, yet she’ll quickly feel overwhelmed by your attention and gesture until her gradually curving eyebrows may prepare you for a few happy tears – and that’s the face you’ll like to remember later. That is if you nail the gift, of course 😉

Here you have a few gift ideas I easily managed to put together, this year no afternoon tea or theatre shows, but a short creative list with a tiny twist…



You always start with a fun card and This Mama Does is the creative answer to any mother’s gift list. Capturing well the very essence of parenthood, this mama does witty indeed. It will put a smile on your mum’s face!

This Mama Does


A tiny piece of jewellery with a personalised message/ name on it or a funky tee/sweater will go a long way. Here’s a few of my current favourite brands built by mums that have done a great job personalising fashion:  Gigi loves Blake, Mermaids & Dinosaurs, Sirens & Pirates (matching items heaven), Black & Beech.


Chunky knits – they’re more than a trend, they’re dreamy and they bring a certain brilliance to each room. Loving a bit of Saint Wools on my couch and that made me think this could be a chunky surprise for our mums, too.

Saint Wools


Hello Fresh it! And maybe help out with the cooking too. If you wish to avoid the Sunday restaurant rush, order a box of delicious recipes and get your mum on a date at the convenience of your own home. Sharing a cooking experience may turn out to be more successful than brunching at the corner cafe.

Hello Fresh


Fun, creative workshops could be the key word when it comes to entertaining. I’ve recently joined one led by Princess & Ko at the Fresh Farm in London (the headquarters of Hello Fresh) and it was so much fun playing with the compost, empty egg shells and cute terrariums while creating my own ‘Easter fishbowl’. I am sure my mum would absolutely love this one.

Princess & Ko workshop at the Fresh Farm


Flowers…The magic touch to any gift. Make a surprise delivery through the letterbox with Bloom & Wild, there are various options in case you wish to upgrade the bouquet to a gift set or a temporary subscription, adding beauty products, candles or chocolates. The arrangements are simply gorgeous.

Bloom & Wild


If you’re looking for the ultimate cool gift for your mum, a mum friend or your mum partner, this is the one. Mum_hood (created by 2 experienced mums with over 16 years in the fitness industry) has launched an online platform which looks more than promising to get anyone back in shape. Pre-natal or post-natal exercising courses are easy to book online.



Photography has the power to create memories that last longer. A photoshoot pampering is always a winning idea. If you’re a London mum, get in touch with a local photographer, I often work with Anna Pawleta and her shoots are always fun, the clicking is instant.

Anna Pawleta


“Luxury is what is rare, made with conscience and passion, founded on know-how.”

Terry de Gunzburg, Founder

For the ultimate beauty gift, French know their luxury trade well! I’ve been following this lovely brand ever since I stole my mother’s By Terry red lipstick that I instantly fell in love with. It’s now time to give her back an upgraded luxurious treat…

Any other glorious gift ideas you’d like to see on this list?

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Aly x

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