Why comfort zones are critical to motherhood…


…and how to become the goddess of your own (or your quirky guide to a creative motherhood in 5 steps)…

Embracing motherhood with all it brings with it is like voluntarily getting under a cold shower during a spinning class while trying to eat on a full plate of Carbonara single handedly. First, the ice cold water may come as a shock, but slowly you rather start feeling refreshed and tired at the same time, discover muscles you never thought you owned, flavours you didn’t expect to like, yet not before it gets a great deal of sloppy on you. So who gets the hardest hit in this entire business? Your one and only comfort zone…

While yes, it’s true they say that at one point comfort zones are a serious danger to creativity and self improvements and that the magic happens outside them, as a new mother I believe it’s truly important not to get yourself too far from what they say is a psychological state in which a person feels familiar, at ease, in control and experiences low anxiety and stress. In the zone a steady level of performance is possible. When it comes to motherhood things drastically change as it all starts with a tiny cuing creature showing up on the doorsteps of your home, heavily meddling in between your previous organised affairs, the lack of sleep won’t let you think clearly quite often and your life balance may suffer a little bit too…

That’s why this is a read for all eye-circled, zombie on the go and courageous mums who don’t want to loose their coolness simply because they now have to care for their mini human versions, but who also understand the crucial importance of adjusting their comfort zone in order to maximise its long term benefits. So what to do so you can keep this comfort bubble untouched, while adding to it a splash of chic style and creativity (especially for those yummy mummies during that first quite taugh year of maternity)?

Here’s how to master it in 5 creative steps…

Step 1.  Let your loungewear decide the mood for the day 

Blue Marmalade London

Yes, your guide to a creative motherhood starts with working on both your home space and loungewear choice and hear me out, both professional and stay/work from home mums, as this one is a crucial one…You won’t need any high heels, nor makeup so you can call it a successful seft confidence day despite the endless inserts of feeding, dressing, bathing, playing, cleaning or running around activities. While you put on your partner’s saggy tshirt and pjs, you risk your day may not reach its best. It’s time to uppgrade your loungewear! Slipping into a luxurious piece of clothing such as the ones from Blue Marmalade’s beautifully crafted loungewear range who are playing with a variety of fabrics from silk, micromodal to lyocell, may be like taking home with you the London Fashion Week. Comfort is the simplest luxury of all they say, and aren’t they right? Why not doing it in style…

Step 2. Engage daily in one cool activity you used to love

IMG_3856.JPGEven if it’s for just as little as 5 minutes in between your two cold cuppas (as who has now time for a proper one when the nappy changing time is calling and the toddler is already up on the top of the chest of drawers?), doing a bit of what you used to love is mandatory to keep your sanity in check (as motherhood can bring along serious challenges starting with that ruthless lack of sleep). Why not unwind how you used to do before your life with a bundle of joy…

Step 3. Occasionally do something major for yourself 

all mums talk how to become the goddess of your comfort zoneA quick pampering or a fun short Hypoxi workout session, a long walk to a new scenery while proud grandma could watch the baby or simply choosing a shopping spree…all these would only help you disconnect with the cruel reality of lacking sleeping and help you appreciate your precious baby gift even more. Or take a holiday! A short weekend with your sister to the beach doesn’t gave to be planned ages in advance. A good tip would be to get on Bubele which is a very cool new app for the UK parents where lots of venues, events and creative ideas are shared in the love of motherhood (the founder of the app is a mum of 2!).

Step 4. Picture it. Sing it. Dream it. 


Enjoy the old little things while embracing the new motherhoody bond. But do it while you try on new experiences too. Never took ballet classes and there’s a touch of regret inside your heart? Me neither, but who can stop me get my baby in a carrier and start taking a few gracious lessons for beginners. If these brave ladies having fun attending PregDance classes can do it, then so can you! While getting back in shape in a relaxing way. Yoga fun instead? There are lots of cool places for mums & babies, the sky is the limit nowadays, (while keeping an eye on my website, a cool event calendar will tell you more soon and teach us loads).

Step 5. Communication, say no to isolation 

all mums talk how to become the goddess of your comfort zoneI agree that sometimes it’s so much easier getting into your pjs and place your baby’s cot next to your bed, put the curtains on while your husband is at work. But starting to do this on a regular basis will only get you into trouble as a good heathy routine starts in the early stages of motherhood so try and find some motivation to have some bundle bonding fun outdoors or over meet ups with other mums. It may become even more energetic for you than a long afternoon nap.

Are you a new or more experienced mum or have mum friends? Share these tips with them as it’s easy to get lost in this mad puzzle called motherhood, so a bit guiding or a few good words will always get mums in better spirits…But don’t forget, cool mums and bumps, we’re all in this together…

Got any more wisdom to pour? I’m eager to hear you out! If thirsty for more creative fun ways to enjoy motherhood and its perks, follow Allmumstalk Facebook page or you can get lots of colourful ideas from my Instagram #allmumstalk. Cool mums tweet, so throw at me your tips if braver (#allmumstalkhere)! 😉

Ally x


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