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Ever since I started Allmumstalk, your parenting website, I promised myself that I will always remain keen on finding the most creative mums and get them to share their inspiring cool projects with the rest of us. Here I am with another discovery I am so very proud of: Catherine Farrant, the cool mumpreneur behind Ossa. What is Ossa? Well, get ready mums, you’re about to make your own lives much easier in the kitchen due to this delectable healthy helpful trick I have tried myself.

Either you choose it as a healthy base for your soups and stews or simply as your coffee replacement, add it to your green juice, or bottle it for your teething child, the list of ways you can use Ossa is endless.

Here’s Catherine talking about her journey to get her her business out in the world and share it with us all, mums on the go…

1. So you’re the cool mum behind Ossa. It sounds like such a great healthy project that could essentially make other mums’ life much easier in the kitchen (I recently got my hands on a bag of Ossa from the very new hot spot Jamie Oliver‘s Barbecoa in the heart of the City)…But I’m sure there’s more behind your project…Including a great deal of hard work! Tell us a bit about yourself and smashing Ossa.

I am the soon to be Mom of 2. We are a week overdue with our second. I actually now think of Ossa as one of our children. I started the business when I was pregnant with Jack as I was looking into the importance of nutrition for babies from inception to growing in the womb and eventually to weaning. Bone Broth covered all bases and had such a dense nutrient profile. By simply drinking one cup per day, I was filling my body with gelatin and collagen in its most natural form. This is good for babies development but more importantly for healing and preparing your body for the stretch and change and added stress on you that comes with growing a human life.

We soon realised that this age-old tradition needed to be brought back to the mainstream. Unfortunately, people are not inclined to make their own bone broth as it simmers for 24 hours and we make sure we use ONLY the highest quality bones from organic animals that are fed on grass and not on any genetically modified fee. It is not that easy to source this quality of bones yourself either.


2. How did you decide to start a business? 

I went back to work after 10 months maternity leave with Jack and I soon realised that The Bone Broth had become such a huge part of our lives. Simply by word of mouth, I was also supplying the local reflexologist, friends and family with my bone broth and was making 80 litres per week in my own kitchen. It then hit me, if we started a business, we could help people heal and grow through real food. After some developmental work, we registered Ossa Ltd in February 2015.

3. How important do you feel nutrition is in our children’s development? 

It is the pinnacle of their behaviour and development, in my opinion, especially in the early years. We are all pressed for time and can only do our best but if your child is well nourished with good fats, good carbohydrates, filtered water and a balanced diet across all food groups, their base for development will be all the better. We advise using The Bone Broth in times of teething when there is appetite loss, when weaning and as a staple for a 6 month old and upwards.

Photo via Perfectly Paleo

4. Where does your inspiration come from? Who do you follow?

We are very inspired by Weston A. Price Foundation which advocates children being nourished on real and whole foods, avoiding anything processed and low fat and avoiding all genetically modified foods. We also follow a number of amazing Mommy nutritionist blogs. We advocate real food.

5. How does a regular day of your life look like? 

I have just started my second maternity leave as we await the arrival of our second child. I work full time for an amazing company and I adore my job so normally I work 9am -4pm most days in the city or from home if I can. I collect my son from his amazing nursery in the evenings and we spend all evening together making food (he loves bone broth) and relaxing. I try and bath 3 times a week with him as it is our special time. After he has gone to bed at about 7pm, I spend a few hours on Ossa which is my absolute passion. This includes answering emails from customers, liaising with the farm on the product logistics, talking to new retailers and dreaming up amazing ideas for new product lines. For all Moms and women out there, we are working on an amazing all natural skincare range.

6. You’re what we call a ‘mumpreneur’. How do you keep a healthy balance between your work and family life? 

I am so proud to call myself a Mumpreneur! So proud! I am someone who believes very much in visualisation and I believe you can create anything you can visualise. I keep the balance as best I can by adding in some yoga to get perspective and making sure to follow my mantra of “Wherever you go, there you are.” I stopped allowing myself to feel guilty for my son when I was at work and then guilty for work when I was with my son. This changed my life.

7. Which are your favourite perks when it comes to motherhood? 

Cuddles! Watching your child find pleasure in the simplest of things. I love that!


8. Which are your best tips for mums on the go?

I always have an avocado and a teaspoon in my handbag. They are so nutritious and you don’t need to wash them. The perfect on the go snack for weaning baby, toddler and for me.

A few fun Ossa recipes will soon follow, yet here I am, waiting for all your feedback if you have already tried or are about to try on a scoop of Ossa.

‘At Ossa we believe in the restorative, healing properties of premium bone broth. Our range of broths are made of only the highest quality bones, filtered water and organic vegetables’.

If you wish to keep an eye on Ossa and get the most creative ideas for your kitchen health corner, follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

Ossa cool products can be found here:

Fortnum and Mason

Planet Organic

Jamie Oliver Barbecoa

Served hot Fernandez and Wells

As Nature Intended health stores

Dugard and Daughters

Inside Out Health

Available as a cocktail called the Bullshot at Koji restaurant in Parsons Green

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Motherhood can be beautifully challenging yet tough. Good news, we’re all in this together!

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