The app that posts away your holiday


Oh, summer holidays…White hot sands, cool sea waters, holiday reading materials that pressure you to choose the larger cabin luggage and enough children to keep you on your toes…All captured by your beloved smart phones that oversee the magic of family bonding (to exclude the accidental videos of less proud parental moments which we won’t explore any further). While a postcard is in itself a ‘sharing good vibes messenger’, ditching stamps and post office queues seems at least equally enticing too, especially when having to climb a steep staircase and crossing busy roads with a ‘tantroumous’ toddler stuck to your left foot and a newborn in a baby carrier.

There are a few apps I’m constantly using, some for editing my daily snaps, some for organising the beautiful mess on the photo gallery and one brilliant app called TOUCHNOTE to rule them all (while turning all these magic moments into tangible memories to stock in your favourite drawer). Here you have the wonders it can easily do for you too!



Creating a postcard

Simply download the app, upload a photo, add a message and the recipient’s address, and a gorgeous printed personalised postcard will be delivered within the next few days. I have sent many so far, not only from my holidays, but for birthday occasions and congratulations wishes. It’s so straightforward, so easy to use and too clever to miss out on it. The postcard your friend will receive is printed on high quality paper

This is a clever one. Touchnote have also created a new Print box feature which allows you to create a box of up to 36 of your best holiday memories in seconds on your iPhone or iPad. No more time consuming trawling, sorting, deleting and downloading to print your holiday photos. This latest version of the Touchnote app does it all for you.

How does it work? Touchnote has created a smart algorithm based on how people take photos. It uses your phone’s geo-location technology to identify where in the world you are when your pictures are taken. The algorithm recognises the quality and quantity of your pictures. Then it cleverly pre-selects 36 of the best ones and places them in a Print Box on your iPhone or iPad. If you have snapped away multiple times at the same thing it will cleverly pre-select just the best one, if any photos are pixelated or out of focus it will leave those out. You can browse through the Print Box, make changes if you wish, and then order a real version to be printed and posted to you in a choice of 4 beautifully designed boxes. Making holiday memories last longer this summer.

Have fun with it and post a comment once you’ve tried it on! A lovely competition announces itself 🙂

Aly x

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