It only seems appropriate to hashtag this article’s title as we now live in a digital world ruled by this tiny, yet so powerful symbol. Our food, our offsprings, days at the playground, flowers, holidays, books, gadgets, even mood and feelings get hash-tagged every single day.

So do gifts, but you need a good #fathersday #inspo in order to make his day a smashing one. Yet it appears to me that everywhere you look now there’s someone trying to make you feel guilty you haven’t already sourced a thoughtful present for the superhero of your child. What would your insta friends say?! How would your facebook page cope with a lack of celebration snaps? Well, that’s not the most essential challenge here, is it…

Yet in order to avoid disappointment in your ‘real’ dear ones, here goes a list of cool and surprising Father’s Day tricks which will even make your virtual friends slightly jealous of your last minute creative kick…


1. #theexperience 

Why not cheat a little bit and hook your better half with a fun bonding experience like a ticket on a BKD London workshop? My partner recently went to a Super Dad biscuit decorating class as part of the notonthehighstreet.com’s Hang Out With Dad Day campaign. Not only that this gave me a few hours to myself (toddler free weekend morning, uhuuu!), but it was a cool learning and entertaining experience for the tiny human while giving my partner the opportunity to meet other superhero dads. So it’s indeed a win for me, a win for him, a win for the tiny human (plus a box of tiny hands made decorated goodies, what’s not to like?!)

AllDadsTalk at BKD London workshop

2. #parentapparel

Now this is a snazzy one and he will surely be impressed with your fun parenting approach. Will he wear it though? I promise you that he will as he will enjoy all the attention that most certainly comes attached to it. If you’re a fan of Mother Pukka (or a stalker like myself) who is #parentingtheshitoutoflife in one of The Dandy Kid cosy sweats, then you too should grab one to match his and celebrate together this wonderful journey parenthood is (at least on the zombinessless and babybrainless days)! I’m definitely going for one of these…

The Dandy Kid

3. The #card

Sometimes this can honestly be the only option you might not even have much time for, and any diy crafty ideas don’t seem too appealing at this stage as your children won’t be able to help much (if they are still in diapers!) but you have to make an effort and acknowledge his early days of fatherhood. So get creative (or order one on time, I wouldn’t call it cheating)


4. (Anything) #StarWars 

No need to explain this one much. You try and name one man who wouldn’t be a Vader or a Skywalker fan. Mugs, keyrings, personalised pens or cards, you can get as cheesy and stereotypical you wish, no way you’d make a mistake, Vader is here to make sure of it.

Source: Left Brain Craft Brain


5. #lovenote

Because seriously who does this anymore? Since now it’s supposed to be more love around as the little ones joined your club, ask them to do it. Just add the toddlers’ doodling or your kids’ scribbling to their dad’s lunch box for a week before Father’s Day and voila, love is all around…

6. The #mixtape 

A mix tape. Because seriously who does that anymore? :)) Surprise them with a list of dads’ songs, those first baby heartbeat recordings, secret voice recordings etc But alright, if you don’t have the ancient gear to do this, I think he’ll be happy with a phone app trial montage of your best moments.


7. The beard bib

For #beardydads. It makes a unique gift. It prevents relationship-ending disputes about hygiene and tidiness, ensures a good example for the future adult son. Win win. Grab one.

Source: The Beard King


8. #putasparkonit

Maybe this sounds like an odd gift, thought so too until I saw the effect it had on my parent friends’ kids! Completely unplanned and unrelated to the previous beard post, but this is probably the coolest gift kids can get for their beardy dads. Could work nicely after a nice trim using the bib! It does look like you’ve been feasting on the blood of a unicorn, so maybe do it around older children who know fairytales are…simply fairytales…

Source: Fire Box


9. The Master Pan

The only pan he’ll ever need, he could cook his own breakfast and maybe even give breakfast a go for the entire family on his own celebration day. It also makes a great comedy weapon…
Source: Fire Box


10. The smart gadget

Men love their gadgets and this could really surprise them, especially if going to the cinema is not on their list of fun things to do anymore. A smart phone projector indeed, it’s definitely not expensive (could get it around £15 from Amazon or Prezzy Box and it could turn your living room into a cinema space for the entire family where pets and alcoholic drinks are most certainly not frowned upon, but welcome.

Source: Prezzy Box


If last year I was looking for inexpensive ways to celebrate Father’s Day, I say this year put on a superhero cap and be the coolest gang in town. Get your little ones to join in and make his day a meaningful one (chances are they will put more thought into your Mother’s Day gift although that’s ages from now!)
Aly x

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