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‘Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do’.

How many times haven’t they told you how to dress, feed, change or teach your child? How many times haven’t you got the wise tip from a stranger in the park, the mean comment from a childless, most likely even well intentioned friend and the ‘I can parent better than you’ vibes from the always on time, cool mums when dropping their kids at the nursery? But that’s ok as long as you don’t get yourself overwhelmed by ‘can I do this’ daily worries while questioning your abilities as a new parent.

Nonetheless I think the first child is always the biggest challenge, one that seems to always find you unprepared for the greatest job in the world: raising the new generation, what a walk in the work! While reminding myself that, most often, in parenting direction is more important than speed, I now tend to listen to all unsolicited advice and smile back. But it wasn’t always like this, there was a time when I was hiding in restaurant bathrooms to breastfeed because I was often told this is supposed to be a mum-baby bonding experience and I shouldn’t expose other eyes to such an intimate experience. I used to keep silent even when I had huge question marks on little things like co-sleeping because I thought I’d be harshly judged on keeping my 3yo in bed with us. Sadly, the list continues.

Yet baby no 2 had been my life’s reminder that no parent is God and no parent should ever attempt seeking perfection. So I don’t get frustrated with dirty hands and ketchup stains; not anymore, they are my toddler’s painting-his-way-through-life learning tools and I embrace it.

Because that’s real motherhood…it may not be perfect, but it surely feels glorious when your little men nail their first jingle bells carols in November.

Here’s another shoot with Anna Pawleta Photography, one to capture the smiles and healthy vibes of a tired yet grateful parent. We’ll share the sink full of dirty dishes pixels another time.