Winter Wonderland baby shower


We recently had a baby shower for baby no 3 and what a lovely bunch of people surprised me with the best of gifts! Friends who traveled quite a bit to come and and see us, new friends we made at the event thanks to almighty Instagram, and my mum who was visiting us at the time, I was thrilled to have her as she missed the first two…We might have a name for the baby, too! Keep reading and you’ll find out, especially as this has been a struggle this time round…

Truth is that organising an event is quite stressful hence I’m feeling so grateful for all the support I got from some talented people like Ceylon @ballonbarparty and Cristina @pennythebee (stalk therm on insta now!) who helped with the beautiful pixels below (I’m trying to work more and more with small businesses and startups in 2020).

I initially had this idea of mixing blooms and balloons over the fire place (after a few long nights of pinning and creating boards on Pinterest) and I knew exactly who would be great at turning this into a real setup. Isn’t Instagram the best networking place? 😉

Ceylan, who only started her own project last year, is incredibly talented at creating balloon arrangements. I didn’t have much time to source a florist so she took on that job, too. She used a mix of fresh flowers and a few artificial ones, but did I mention her balloons are biodegradable? How amazing is that?! And they do last for weeks!! Or even months! I still have mine in my living room! The pixels below speak for themselves, it’s even more impressive the fact that she came with her little ones and her daughter was just brilliant at helping mummy out.

Before I start chatting about the amazing gender reveal cake Cristina made, I should send a big thank you to Fantastic Services for taking a burden off my shoulders and getting the house all tidy before the event. I finally found the secret of rather effortless event planning! It makes such a difference when there’s an extra pair of extra hands getting all those little jobs done! And they did it brilliantly! I even spotted one of the two lovely guys who came for 3 hours dusting my ceiling lights! I’ve mentioned them on my Instagram before, but if you want to learn more about them, click here, they have a variety of services available and as my pregnancy advances I’ll be looking into getting a bit more help here and there. Two small kids and the list of chores is endless! So every little helps 😉 This time round I got a bit more time to get myself ready without rushing and stressing like I usually do!

In my Tiffany & Rose maternity evening dress

 Tiffany & Rose

Now let’s move onto the most scrumptious cake! Cristina (or Penny the Bee as many know her by) made Lucas’ cake for his 5th birthday last year. That’s how we met! She’s a brilliant listener and has a very creative nature, but above all, she’s all about fine details when it comes to her hard work (I wasn’t surprised to learn that her previous career was in the legal world!). Not to mention that she’s great with children! On top of baking the cake for my baby shower, she run a biscuit decorating class for all children I had at the party ~ you might already know that my my baby showers don’t exclude a few alcoholic beverages for the adults 😆, children’s presence or an excuse for having them involved in fun crafts like Penny’s classes.
You can find hers on Hoop

I can’t recommend enough her classes, the kids were absolutely absorbed and they got to eat their own masterpiece which might have even been my favourite part. Both Lucas and Amelie were very generous sharing theira with me. Needless to say that her materials are gentle and safe for even for the very little ones.

P.S. I had been wearing here pretty much my last non maternity sequin outfit, it’s a beautiful two piece from the amazing Olivia Rubin, one of my favourite London designers and queen of rainbows and sequin! I’ve linked it here in case you’re curious to see more of her collections, especially as I got so many questions about this mix on Instagram.


The cake doesn’t lie! 😉

Except for the fact that my husband wants to call the new baby Ragnar (as per his favourite character in the Vikings series), the list of baby boy names is still getting increasingly longer, but no name has been officially chosen. I might have even engraved Ragnar in a Merci Maman necklace, but not sure we’ll stick to this name (although it will be extremely hard to convince Justin to give it up).

Baby shower gender reveal cake

If you have any questions, you know where to find me! 😉

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