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Those first two bars on the pregnancy test were the very first exciting news that led to our journey into parenthood. They shortly turned into four months of nausea while lying on the livingroom couch in the middle of the night, praying to finish the sandwich I had been trying to eat all day. The mad pickle and honey cravings soon came replacing the harsh lack of appetite. Then the bump popped, the bundle came, the white nights started, the tantrums happened, yet when the order seemed to be restored again within the baby universe, we started all over again: the bars, the nausea, the sandwich.

Now picking up my toddler’s lego pieces from the floor has became mission impossible. Soon after, the baby shower for our second bump brought along the perks of a third pregnancy trimester which has been rather peaceful so far. This brings us to the present moment where I’ve teamed up with Daniel Wellington for a cheeky 15% off everything on the website so you too could start timing life events 😉

Use the code ALLMUMSTALK15 upon check out (valid from today and through the 15th of July); there’s also a free worldwide shipping. I’m featuring below the Classic Petite from the brand’s newest collection. It’s stilish, it’s cute, it’s fun to wear it with pretty much any kind of outfits. And it greatly helps with the baby brain occasional amnesia when I need to check if it’s time for my nursery pick up!

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