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Did you know that if you were to do a load of laundry every day for the next 44 years, it would be equal to the same amount of laundry processed at Walt Disney World in one day? Thankfully I’m far from achieving this figure, but life with 3 children is certainly a busy one, especially in the laundry department! Hence I’m happy to share with you one of my secret apps  which I’ve been using for almost 3 years – called Laundrapp, a service looking to make laundry as easy as pressing a button.

Yes, Today we talk laundry! I can already feel how mums reading this are all getting excited about the topic, life with kids and endless laundry baskets may seem like a full time job, but my mum always said that the best days end in dirty laundry. So I’ve been embracing my washing loads for the past 6 years, yet if a helping hand is sometimes given to me, I’m all over taking it!!

For me, part of the reason that I have chosen Laundrapp’s service over and over again is that it’s designed to make laundry and dry cleaning as quick and painless as possible, but also, is all the time saving which I can instead enjoy with my family.

Before the lockdown Laundrapp was my go to platform in order to get my husband’s shirts and suits cleaned without having to go all the way to the dry cleaner’s with a bump, a toddler and a buggy full of baby gear! Simply open up the app, select the items you want cleaned – whether that’s a bag of laundry or a special occasion dress – and then choose when and where you want it collected from and delivered to. It’s that easy!! The service is simply amazing because, apart from high quality results, the option of what you can get dry cleaned is impressive: from shirts, suits, dresses, to bedding cleaning. They also offer an iron-only service. On my last order I had a variety of clothing for myself and my husband plus our silk pillow cases I never get to iron myself. Lockdown life turned out to be a series of events which led to even more laundry so every now and then I get a ‘me moment’ where I rely on other services to ease the chores on me. And it’s such a great feeling to see the bottom of the laundry basket once in a while!!

The service is available in London and over 30 towns and cities while the app is free to download, available on both iOS and Android devices, however, you can also place an order online through the website. Behind the entire app and services there’s a lot of smart tech to make our life easier! You don’t have to believe me before you try the service yourself 😉

Get £10 off when you spend £25 or more with code MUMSTALK10 (available for new customers only). Let me know how you’re getting on, but I warn you, you may love the convenience 😉

*this article has been written in partnership with Laundapp and Mumsnet, but it’s a service I’ve been using for over 3 years independent of any sponsored work.

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