Winter air, autumn leaves, useless ponchos & other motherhoody fashion trends…


…or those completely useless things mums of toddlers cannot and will not make good use of…

It’s 1st of December already (talking about motherhood time-lapse…!). Before I pour any of my fashion wisdom (while not sure there’s a truly raw talent to cultivate, that’s for you to judge by filling those comments boxes below, please do!), let’s get straight, I personally truly and honestly believe that the best accessories for a mum (that will never ever fall out of any season trends) are her bundles of joy. Especially if they carry a great amount of charming naughtiness and a cheeky grin between some chubby, fluffy cheeks. Alright, this last sentence must have had you all sighing by now, I know, cheesy cheesy 😉

This post though is about all those silly hats and clumsy clutches I made good use of before a tiny human joined my club. It’s also about all quirky useless bracelets, gigantic ridiculous earrings and sophisticated belts which are now liaising with the darkness of my most hidden deepest attic corner. They were too scared of meeting tiny curious fingers wandering up and down pulling hair and everything else they manage to touch…

Photo credit: Madalina Diana Photogtaphy 

Yet between nappy changing, frustrating potty training, washing up of laundry piles twice the size of Kilimanjaro, some long experimenting of healthy cooking (when not cheating ups), I believe that motherhood can be slightly indulging and fun. And here’s a fun photoshoot to prove this (as we all need to fight those messy hair buns and eye circles once in a blue moon!). As tempted as I initially was to show you the endless trail of fails while trying to get a toddler still, instead I decided to pretend I’m a cool, effortless fun mum who got it right from the very first attempt (and I’ve been blackmailing my two photographer friends until they got on board with my story).

So fashion tips which did the tricks: an earthy colour poncho, a cool wool hat, your every day boots (and a pair of your high heels carefully hidden in the baby’s bag that you know you won’t be wearing any time soon) & a colourful totally useless (when you become a mother) but looks pretty amazing in the picture – the clutch bag. But when the photoshoot is over, would you think I’d go back and wear any of them? Think again. So here’s my list of things mums with toddlers can’t seem to pull off.


Ponchos – a No No No. NO.

As fond as I am of this fun tiny ‘blanket’, I can’t wear one while trying to give myself all the possible flexibility and freedom in being able to catch the tiny fence climber. Yes, toddlers climb. A lot. Anything and everything. Resulting in loosing the poncho while trying to grab and save the little one from getting a forehead bump.


Hats – ahh…NO.

Same reason as before. Plus it can easily fly away if there is even the tiniest wind blowing threat. I live in London so autumn is not really hat friendly. Unless you have a free hand to secure it. There’s no free hand when toddlers are around, but a serious need for a third hand!

Clutches – Are you kidding?!

Where would the nappies go? And the wipes! The baby bottles? The muslins? A separate baby bag you might add…Well, the truth is that a baby bag and a funky clutch together wouldn’t be the best mix, it would be instead a silly and a totally desperate attempt of ignoring motherhood (which it means that most of the time you have to carry with you half of the things you find in your house although your tiny human may need the exact thing you left at home).

Now, if you’re giving these three things up, the one and only must remain your beautiful bundle of joy. Nothing can beat this fashion trend. So get the buggy out and show off some tiny toes.

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Motherhood can be beautifully challenging yet tough. Good news, we’re all in this together!

Thanks Madalina Diana Photogtaphy for the cool photoshoot (despite the freezing cold air and jumpy toddler, you managed to even climb the big old trees of Greenwich and get the shots you wanted! Talking about what makes a crazy photographer…:)))



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