Toddler Dress to Impress – 6 Cool Wardrobe Summery Touches


Dressing up my toddler had always been one of my favourite things about motherhood. Dressing up some of my friends’ and family’s toddlers – total hobby!!! Although choose the wrong clothing items and your fun can easily be spoiled as these little bodies of moody toddlers are not always very responsive to your excitement of playing dress up. I love focusing on vivid colours, cool mix and match patterns, accessorising, but most of all doing all these while giving practicality a high importance. 

Here’s 6 ways to make your little one’s wardrobe more colourful and fun.

1. The almighty Dungaree 

Dungarees are probably the easiest clothing items to put on a baby. Spice up the wardrobe with fun floral and summery colours and have your camera ready.   

2. The chic Romper

Want to be beach ready in a second or going for a fun picnic in the park? Just like dungarees, put a cute summery romper on and chase the fun. So many material choices, but I’d stick with the very light ones considering the heat wave which is about to hit us soon…

3. Summer Hat on 

Probably the most important essential for your little one’s head protection, get a cool hat and hit the beach. We love straw hats this summer! And why not, maybe get matching hats 😉  
4. The cool Swimming gear

Cool animal towels, colourful swimming suits – they are all a must this summer. Don’t forget about the sun lotion and you’re ready to rock the beach.  

5. The light feather Crocs 

There’s nothing lighter and more comfortable than a pair of Crocs. My toddler (son of two crazy fans of Star Wars) had been wearing morning till sleeping time his Star War crocs, outdoors or even indoors. Now I have to get a pair myself… 
6. The lovely Bloomers 

I love bloomers!! Many little dresses or shirts already come with bloomers, but for a walk on the beach or a funky photoshoot, get a pair of bloomers and snap happily. 

Have I forgot anything? 

Share your thoughts, eager to hear you out! 😉 

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