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Adlon Kempinski – Berlin’s finest treat

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There’s always a city that you may instantly fall in love with. That explains my sudden love for Barcelona’s strolls down La Rambla, Paris’ bohemian boulevards or Marrakech’s hectic markets where street traders grab gazelles‘ hands to take a look at the goods they’re enthusiastically selling (and the list goes on and on as this passion for traveling pretty much runs in the family).

Yet, this instant click didn’t happen with Berlin. I arrived at this busy airport after a mad flight trying to get alive in between toddler’s tantrums. I found a dark and rather wet city lying quietly under a sky made of thick threatening clouds and a wave of uninviting polar air (it was March, yet here I am blogging about it in almost July! motherhood got in the way…). The taxi driver did manage to temporarily distract us from all this greyness by talking romantically about his ‘woman’ at home and some stages of the city changes witnessed by himself.  He took us to The Adlon Kempinski Hotel right in the very heart of the city, steps away from the Brandenburg Gate. So here goes the one thing that instantly changed my Berlin experience…

The moment we arrived at the hotel, I knew my motherhood holiday mood would be on its best vibes. This hotel is a true fine 5* treat for both leisure and business guests. I joined my partner here for a work conference and just the night before we traveled, I contacted their team to advise that he would not arrive alone, the new baggage would not be tantrums free, but pretty much a fussy eater and rather loud at times. I requested information on how to keep the tiny human entertained while his dad is working (parents always need to have a backup plan as a surviving kit when traveling with children!). Needless to say that when we got off the car, the smart concierge gentleman already had been calling me by my surname and welcomed us to the hotel (truly impressed, most of the time it’s the little things that make a holiday).

Breakfast was my favourite part of the entire experience and probably the main reason I am sharing this review today: lots of options to choose from starting with the gorgeous fresh juices, mixed green cocktails and even a huge honeycomb that immediately caught my attention. The staff was great, offered balloons and teddy bears to the naughty frenzy toddler. Champagne on discretion – I then wished I was a bubbly lover (I’m not one, but unfortunately a convinced sweet tooth), fresh flowers, a glorious room inundated with natural light…Nothing else we could have asked for. Of course, a toddler smashing champagne glasses in the attempt of a ‘cheers’ moment was not on the menu, yet I noticed we were the only ones scared and bothered by the entire process, all staff was so polite and helpful making all glass chips disappear in a second while making jokes on their own experience as parents.

Oh, yes, fresh flowers…Fresh flowers were a delight throughout its gorgeous corridors and reception rooms, yet it’s a 5* so this was expected. I did enjoy the spa, we weren’t able to use the pool as they were undergoing refurb works, but the hot sauna was a bliss (need to go back for the pool, just check the photo gallery and you’ll all wish to join me!). The hotel also offers the cutest children’s robes which you can actually purchase at a fair price of 70 euros if I am not mistaken, I already regret not getting it, such a dainty wee thing!

The junior suite upgrade we got to experience was the cherry, complimented by the golden treat that was the miniature Brandenburg chocolate gate garnished with heavenly macaroons and chocolate nibs, a fine treat almost too good-looking to touch or even eat. This memory they had easily created here will stick with me for years.

Follow their coolest insta posts go here and pop by for at least a cuppa or a drink if you find yourself around. Toddlers most welcome!

P.S. I owe Berlin another visit and Berlin owes me THE sunny spells I so missed on…