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New baby, new buggy…

After 4 faithful years of service we had to retire our three wheeled BabyZen Lucas, our first born, was really happy with. To be completely honest, that was the first pricey purchase (a bit over £1k) we made for him (after tens of hours of AllDadsTalk‘s research) and it ticked almost every box on our requirements list. We would have probably kept it for a little longer, yet a second baby means getting a buggy board and it was a nightmare getting a compatible one. Plus it didn’t look as tidy and nice, a few spare parts needed to be changed and in the end it wouldn’t have probably justified the costs. Plus for an unknown reason the brand has decided to discontinue the BabyZen model we had. There you go, a great excuse to start shopping for a classy pick for Amelie Marie. And we found it!

After a couple of buggy trials you might have caught on my insta, I’ve finally settled for  this delightful Xplory from Stokke. I won’t go all technical like my other half tends to do (I’ll let me go into these details later), but I will say this: despite being used to a three wheeled buggy, this does tick all boxes on my wish list! Including the Stokke buggy board, gosh, Amelie’s older sibling surely is the biggest fan!

STOKKE xplory london buggy

I know most of us have concerns in regards to its size and fitting it into the car, I get these questions a lot on Instagram. Truth is we have a spacious car (Tesla Model X) where we could possibly fit three of them, yet I have friends with much smaller cars and they haven’t complained about the space it takes. It does fold nicely, but don’t expect it to fold as an umbrella or like a Maclaren! It’s a sturdy buggy, therefore rather resilient to the passing of years. One of my friends has used it for both her children and she’s not even thinking of changing it in case another baby would surprise them any time soon.

STOKKE xplory london buggy notting hill

On another plus side, I absolutely love how high up Amelie is, having it parked alongside tables in restaurants I think it is just brilliant having her high enough to see without bending down. The raincover is really easy to fit and has a velcro flap for quick access to the baby if needed.

I would say the Xplory is rather a clever buy especially if you live in the city and you’re always on the go. The amount of storage the bag underneath holds is insane, my food shopping never requires plastic bags as I just chuck everything in there. Maybe a little bit too much at times, I might have broken a couple of eggs once 😉

STOKKE xplory london buggy

STOKKE xplory london buggy

STOKKE xplory london buggy


Last, but not least, this buggy is fashion! The black leatherette and black chassis just give the pram a classy look and I’m all about that.

Here’s my pick (you can build your own choice). You can add a changing bag at the front – looking into this now myself, not really to use it for the nappies, but to increase the space for my regular shopping, shhhh!

If you travel often you can purchase one of the smartest travel accessories – the Stokke® PramPack™ which was designed so that you can simply enjoy the journey whilst you know the pram arrives safe and sound. It is airline approved, and it fits almost any pram. Once you arrive, simply roll the Stokke® PramPack™ up for easy storage.

So yes, this one is a keeper!

If you have any more questions on this buggy, just drop me a line in the comment box below x


STOKKE xplory london buggy

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