INSTAGRAMUMS – 10 inspirational celebrity mums


…through the magical eye of Instagram…

3 words to start with: I love Instagram! 

Alright, now I must also admit that following celeb mums had become one of my new fun hobbies. While there’s no denying we live in this changing society of following and followers, I find this sharing of pure intimacy motherhood moments from all around the world so inspirational and warm. 

Here’s a proof of all delightful motherhood perks we, all mums, cherish and sometimes share, including the red carpet most glamorous celebrities who give us a glimpse of their secret lives and their beloved bundles.

My top 10 of favourite INSTAGRAMUMS:  

1. Sarah Jessica Parker – Fun motherhood on expensive high-heels  


I had to start with my favourite most amazing glamorous chic talented beautiful actress and mum figure. Mum of one boy and twin daughtes, she’s got what most mums dream of: fun motherhood on expensive high heels…

Photo credit: user


2. Gwyneth Paltrow – the healthy cool mum 

Red carpet actress, successful brand owner (Goop) and mother to Apple and Moses. She seems to have figured it all out. I’m always stalking her for her latest recipes and lifestyle ideas, she’s one of the creative mums you should also keep an eye on 😉

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3. Gisele Bündchen – the supermodel loving mum 


Most people are facinated with supermodels. And here we have beautiful Gisele, a great mum of two who shares quite often snapshots of her beautiful offsprings on her social media pages. Motherhood fits her like a glove…

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4. Cindy Crawford – the super genes, supermodel, super mum 


Proud mother of two, Cindy is facinated by her job as a mum and shares pictures quite often. The 49-year-old legendary model has a 13 years old daughter (Kaia) who is a spitting image of her famous mom. The teen seems to have lucked out in the genetics department herself. We’ll also hear more about her son, Presley who is 15 and a huge fan of photography.

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5. Victoria Beckham – the posh mum


Fashion icon,  busy mother of four (three boys and cute Harper), loving wife, hard working mum with an amazing shape, Victoria definitely has lots mums’ dream figure. How does she do it? Well, she’s sharing some tips and family on her Instagram account, check it out 😉

Photo credit: user

6. Beyoncé – the superstar mum


Superstar singer, fashion icon, multi business woman, the list can go on. And now proud mum to Blue Ivy and so in love with her little family. She is another mum who seems to have it all! 

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7. Drew Barrymore – the fun mum


Funny Drew…as a mother she’s winning us over even more. Constantly sharing snapshots starting with how much she enjoyed her pregnancy and now spreading the word about her love for the two beautiful daughters. Yes, we love you, Drew…

Photo credit: user

8. Gwen Stefani – the brave mum 


Rock star, amazing mother and so much more…Sharing the perks of motherhood and not afraid to breastfeed in public, well done, Gwen is the mum!

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9. Kate Moss – the cool mum


The 39 years old British supermodel has done well. Her daughter seems to follow her mum’s footsteps and she couldn’t be prouder. Surely we’ll hear more from both of them. 

Photo credit: user


10. Kim Kardashian West – the lush image mum 

Kim had definitely made a name for herself in the Internet world. Sharing she loves and we stand by everytime she posts secrets from the K world (I’m following her baby clothing lines for inspirational ideas). And now she must eagerly be waiting for baby number 2! So are we 😉

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All mums talk and all mums stalk…;)

Who are you secretly stalking? x

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