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You, most likely just like me, must stumble at all times across funny, cheesy, yet often mean, fairly knee-slapping and, why not, self-pitiless quotes on motherhood. Yes, yes, yes…Motherhood can indeed easily become the toughest and the hardest job in this almighty universe (which on top dares to pay nothing!) but we are not here to complain about it.

As we, loving-caring-nurturing mothers are indeed way too familiar with the working 24/7 family ‘slaving’ statements, we tend to make peace with the thought that in the end our hard work receives little or no recognition at all. This gives the internet a reason to load itself with tons of inspirational blurb around the subject. Nonetheless, the internet had also been taking over the role of a powerful host to a group of women who became what we call ‘the influential mommy voices’ just as soon as they discovered the perks of motherhood themselves. Some of them may do it for fun, some feel that they have to share their excitement with the entire world, yet some mean serious business.

This post is about a group of mums who chose to leave behind the securities of a good job and who now breath, eat and drink motherhood before breakfast while they cash out fine paychecks from it. They usually are the leading role models, multitasking goddesses, that honest voice we tend to identify ourselves with. And often we think of this tiny crowd of powerful family women as being highly privileged for having the luxury to stay in their cosy PJs day after day when all others have to take their zombie bums onboard on a very long journey towards that magical place that promises to pay the bills each month if they show up on a regular basis. But it’s so more than a lucky Google search and a pretty website that makes them who they are…Here’s a few of my inspirational top picks.

1. Jill Smokler – the Scary Mommy taking on scary motherhood

If Jill Smokler wasn’t busy enough trying to work out motherhood and a fair degree of fame, in real life we could have been best friends (ups, talking about wishful thinking again!). This girl’s sense of humour and obvious wittiness make some blue days of mine vanish into the dark, sometimes until tears roll down the cheeks. Reading her candid confessions and essays on mastering diaper changing sessions and fighting the cruel lack of sleep keeps me going from feeling terribly sorry for my occasional hard mum’s life self to feeling ridiculously happy and uplifted.

Mum of three, author of the New York Times bestseller, Confessions of a Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (and other vicious lies), Jill started a project which today is so inspirational. Because she is honest. She is smart and utterly funny.

Oh, Jill also got published. I’m currently (and temporarily I promise) replacing my toddler’s bedtime story books with hers. I whoop out loud while my toddler copies my mad facial expressions showing me he’s not too bothered about not having his regular dragon nursery rhymes instead. On the other hand, my other half is often finding himself puzzled and speechless while staring at me and my hysterical burst out laughing moments. The other day he called me a ‘scary mummy’. I’ve instantly thought of Jill and in my honest silliness I couldn’t feel any prouder, but obviously he didn’t get the joke.

Photo via Baltimore Magazine 

2. Emily Leary – A Mummy Too & her kitchen perfection-on-the-go

I must say Emily is the most effortless mum I find myself stalking on (while taking serious cooking lessons and getting frustrated with her perfect light and perfect crop photos and on top, an annoyingly clean, bright engaging website). Yes, to me this cool mum is all about kitchen perfection-on-the-go while she is indeed a food and lifestyle blogger for busy parents. This mum means business and she does it so well.

Apart from blogging and developing recipes, Emily is a freelance columnist, producing food, travel and lifestyle content for mainstream media. She recently won Best Food Blog 2015. Not sure when she has the time to do it all, but she’s also running workshops, presentations and demonstrations at press and consumer events, (worth mentioning the BBC Good Food Festival and the Cake and Bake Show).

We’ll be hearing more about this super mum, that’s a fact. I look forward to it.

Photo via A Mummy Too


3. Vicki Psarias – Honest Mum & Mummy Got Style. Multi talent mum.

Here’s a true London mum on the go. Filmmaker, screen player, model, and oh yes, a mum too. The reason she’s here in my post (besides I’m truly jealous of her goddess rich hair curls and a true falconer of her fashion finds!), she’s the mum behind not one, but two omg omg, wait for it: two blogs! So honestly, not sure how you do it (as a mum blogger myself, I know it can often become pretty overwhelming to face the work of a single blog), so let’s recap: filmmaker, screen player, model, mother, determined professional blogger.

Featured in top publications such as Vogue magazine, working with several British brands, while being an award-winning filmmaker, this mum of two is a roaring success. Seriously what’s your enchanting spell? Share a little…

Photo source: Honest Mum


4. Heather Amstrong – Dooce and her honest motherhood truth

This way too cool mama was featured by Forbes magazine among 30 honorees on its list of “The Most Influential Women In Media” for 2009. Her website, Dooce, has twice been listed as one of the 25 best blogs in the world by Time Magazine. Yet the list could go on and on but I hate knowing I could get  you bored with her endless list of accomplishments (which could make some of us really jealous too!). But her words will describe her blogging style better in case (hard to believe it) you didn’t find yourself surfing on her website already.

“I think the term ‘mommy blogger’ is a little dismissive. But that label is not something I can get rid of. I’ve embraced it because what we did — a lot of women who were in the first guard of bloggers — was created a community in which to feel safe. We helped raise each other’s kids, we comforted each other, and we gave voice to women who are so easily dismissed as “just a stay-at-home mom.” We supported each other and stood up to say our stories were important. I mean, who the hell is going to hire a mom in Salt Lake City to write stories about parenthood and pay her a lot of money? But they didn’t have to hire me. I hired myself.” (as stated on her blog).

Heather suffered from severe postpartum depression after her daughter was born; instead of hiding it, she chose to be completely honest and share her experience with us. We are inspired and some of us would like to thank you, Heather. I’d like to say you’re awe-inspiring.

 Photo via Dooce

5. Leticia Barr – Tech Savvy Mama. Embracing technology 

‘Helping parents navigate this ever-changing world of technology’ is this cool tech mum’s motto. Professional blogger, social media strategist, and freelance writer, Leticia knows the challenges and opportunities that come with technology and how they can influence motherhood.

On her website, Leticia states: ‘Using my experience selecting software and online resources for one of the top 15 largest school systems in the country, knowledge about issues concerning screen time and children, and ability to evaluate educational sites, it’s my hope that this site will always serve as a resource for parents whether they’re looking for information about new devices, educational apps, new social media tools, or hot tech topics’.

Not to mention Leticia also has a regular column called Tech Savvy Parents on while writing for Babble Tech. Yep, she’s a savvy mummy on the go…

Photo via She’s Wonderful 


…and some other cool mamas you’ll be hearing more about…

Amazing women with kids and busy lifestyles are all over around us, it would take me a million years just staying here writing about them and their wonderful accomplishments, but I will not focus on this today. Maybe just to mention Catherine Connors, the mum behind Her Bad Mother, also a writer, entrepreneur, activist and mother and until 2015, Editor In Chief of Disney Interactive Family, prior to that, Editor In Chief of And Holly Bell, mum of 3, a cookbook writer and finalist on the 2011 Great British Bake Off. And Julia Restoin Roitfeld, the mum behind the creative project Romy and the Bunnies. Oh Gosh, I won’t be able to stop…

Maybe just a final thought…

Before I go to bed (as it’s way passed midnight and my humongous bowl of ice-cream that was supposed to keep me going is now sad and empty) I’ll close the post with a soon to be very memorable new blogging mum. Now, you’re probably wondering, how would I know who is next to hit success? Well, I don’t really, but apart from the above wondrous influential mum figures, I feel I have to at least mention my latest blogger aka my newest dangerous guilty pleasure: Carry on Katy. Fresh, artistic, brilliantly hilarious, this is a blogger mama you’ll definitely be hearing more about in the future (interestingly enough a professional cello player too).


Photo source: Carry on Katy

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Motherhood can be beautifully challenging yet tough. Good news, we’re all in this together!

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