My first Mumsnet mums’ meet up. Get Christmassy!


Last week I was kindly invited by the cool Mumsnet ambassador and talented singer Gioel to attend her monthly Mumsnet mums’ meet up which took place at one of my favourite family places in London (also a hidden gem!): Museum of London Docklands. Such a fine gathering I must say; the theme was, of course, Christmassy (I just wish I didn’t have any time restraints that day and actually manage to stay until the end of this fun event, gutted I didn’t get to meet all of you!). Put a few mums together and some naughty toddlers and you’re guaranteed to have an engaging full afternoon.

Firstly I’d like to congratulate Gioel on such a smart initiative as we all know that mothers need these ‘escape gatherings’ where they can chat over healthy diets, sympathise over sleepless nights stories, cheekily complain about the occasional lack of help from their better half or simply gossip over the latest Nigella’s baking trends and recipes…And actually have their arms free for a change as babies and toddlers always find a way to entertain each other during these fun fun fun events!

Here are some of the few shots I managed to get before my quick exit due to my prior commitments…But I’ll definately enjoy the full event next time! My toddler was so entertainment by the musical act Eleonora arranged and the healthy treats mums arranged. Oh yes, there are treats for everyone!

Lovely Eleonora & her bundles of joy.. Oh yes, there are two of them in here 😉

No doubt Gioel is a great mum and a Mumsnet London ambassador, but also a truly gifted singer. I wasn’t surprised to find out she will be singing live in a concert pretty soon in the name of a charity, so go on and get your ticket and let’s support a great cause Gioel is so fond of (Easy Dragons Charity). More details for venue and tickets here .

 Amy, the mumpreneur behind The Nail Bike & her daughter Lilly

As it’s such a small world, among these cool mums and mumpreneurs, I was so pleased to run into Amy, the new mumpreneur behind The Nail Bike project of which we will be talking more in the future on my blog (I genuinely stalk her colour trends for inspiration, she’s pretty much an unofficial beauty advisor too). Meanwhile, you cool mums of Greenwhich, Isle of Dogs and Canary Wharf, if you want your nails done by a true proffesional nail artist, get in touch, Amy is pretty amazing.





Looking forward to the next event!


ally x



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