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I agree.

If you take this as a last minute gift edit for Mother’s day, then I’m awfully late posting this. Yet mums must be celebrated every day. It’s needless to say it’s now just a bit past midnight, everyone’s asleep around me, and I’m completely shattered; this week has been a rather tough one, sleep was almost inexistent, yet so was my mum’s 30 years back. So I’m celebrating her with a few gifts I’ve shortlisted.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got your gift or you feel you haven’t chosen quite the right one yet, there’s still time to get inspired. Here’s my very last minute edit to surprise your mum with, not only on Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day motherhood London mum coffee shop Notting Hill

Anna Pawleta Photography

1. Silver Celebrations London

Not only your mum would love this, you’ll love this! I have mentioned it before and I’d keep raving about it more because it’s posibly the best one I’ve received myself, the eternal cake lover. Cake toppers for any occasion! This time they come with a book ‘Baked with Love’ by the one and only Peggy Porschen Cakes (it comes with every order of 5 candleholders, click here to get learn more)

Mother’s Day motherhood London cake toppers

Anna Pawleta Photography

2. Gift Waffles

Finally! Gift Waffles is a new brillian5 concept! Collect contributions from friends and family for any occasion. Get your siblings to club together and spoil your mum with a gift voucher from her favourite store, it’s all online so you don’t even need to meet up to organise it. Here’s how:

1. Personalise a gift page in just a few clicks. It could be for a family member, a friend, a colleague or anyone else.

2. Share it with your family and friends: by email, or simply by copying your gift page’s unique URL link.

3. Receive online contributions along with (optional) greeting messages.

4. Use the contributions to purchase gift cards from a wide range of retail partners. You can split the gift collection across as many gift cards as you need; they will deliver them by email (taking 0% commission so everything you collect can be converted into gift cards).

Mother’s Day motherhood London mum gift ideas


3. PJ Mama

Designed by a mama in London who is using the best quality organic fabrics, organic inks while all products are made in the UK or Europe, this must be the best gift for a new mum. All designs are unisex and I can’t wait to live in mine, watch this space!

Mother’s Day motherhood London mum coffee shop Notting Hill


4. Anna’s pixels

If you have followed a bit my journey, you’d know I met Anna on a breastfeding shoot with my first born. Since then, I’ve been stalking her around (sometimes vice versa) and we’ve been inseparable when it comes to insta and pixels. Or our love for London coffee shops! She gets the mocha, I get the cake, always fair trade! She has a GoFundMe running  campaign, offering 30 minutes mini sessions for

Mother’s Day motherhood London mum coffee shop Notting Hill

Anna Pawleta Photography


5. Biscuiteers 

Flowers are always a nice touch, but why always buy flowers when you can get her biscuits? After all, she may be an afternoon tea type of girl! Recently, while taking working on some shoots in Notting Hill, we passed by Biscuiteers, which seems to have nailed the ultimate box gift for our mums. Take a look here

Mother’s Day motherhood London mum coffee shop Notting Hill

Anna Pawleta Photography

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