Sleeping beauty in the buff. Or the 10 reasons why you should be sleeping in the nude…


Sleep is a huge part of our lives and, not surprisingly, it can hide lots of health benefits if treated wisely. Night time is for us to unwind, put worries aside and get ready for the challenges of a new day. Have you realised how many idioms and sayings are sleep related? Sleep on it, sleeping like a baby, sleeping like a log, beauty sleep, lull to sleep, sleep around the clock etc…

In order to stay fresh, healthy and why not, improve quality of life, there’s a little fun habit that can benefit you and, as I truly don’t like to write about things I don’t believe in or try myself, I’m all for this one: sleeping in the buff. 

Here’s 10 clever healthy reasons why you should give it a try yourself:

1. It’s pretty stress free 

Sleeping naked lowers cortisol which is also known as the ‘stress hormone’ (between 10 pm and 2 am) while there’s an increase in the growth hormone. The cortisol levels go up again in the morning to get our energy levels ready for a new day. If rest is though compromised there will be a demand from our brain for comfort foods and we won’t want this, would we?

2. It’s quite cool

Sleeping naked naturally cools you down quicker and regulates your body’s temperature which needs to drop about half a degree so you can drift into a deeper sleep. Also I’d say sinking under silky sheets is a pretty cool feeling too (especially if you’re sharing them!).

3. It’s cheap

You might have never taken into account your spendings on pyjamas, but I dare you, run a quick calculation on how much you spent on pyjamas and sweatshirts this year. Although not much vs possibly a tiny fortune, giving them up also means giving up washing and ironing which means more savings and less work. As the big giant would say, every little helps!

4. It’s skin to skin and good to skin  

It’s simple, sleeping in your birthday suit means your skin is breathing better. If you suffer from body acne, then this is the way to go in order to improve your condition. Let’s not neglect the feet and arm pit areas which are generally covered throughout the day but this fun sleeping habit can decrease the chances for skin diseases life the athlete’s foot. Also skin to skin contact can trigger an improvement in your sex life as oxytocin gets you ready and sets the mood. But if not always going this far, cuddling is still pretty cool.

5. Happy love life. A healthy boost

If you were seeking for ideas to spice up your love life, here’s a good, simple and efficient start or change. As mentioned above, sleeping naked is a no brainier way to increase intimacy within the couple which often leads to sex. While pyjamas may put you in a lazier mood, being stripped will definitely work the opposite for you. Ditch the PJs! 

6. Better deeper sleeper

Twisted nightgowns and warm pyjamas may get in your way to a deep sleep. Being too hot may not wake you up every time, but a deep sleep to get your brain efficiently rested won’t be an option so chances are you’ll feel more tired and heavier when waking up. Ditch the PJs! 

7. It’s oxytocin o’clock 

Show the happiness hormone a bit of encouragement by getting disrobed. Oxytocin is responsible for so many good things such as alleviating stress & depression or reducing blood pressure and sleeping naked may help your body release more oxytocin through skin to skin touching to get you more creative and eager to improve your mood. Ditch the PJs! 

8. Keeps you young (and rested)

It is considered that higher temperatures may slow down the release of melatonin and anti-ageing hormones during the night. What to do to prevent your body from getting older faster? Good guess: ditch the PJs! 

9. Private parts will thank you. So will circulation 

Ladies, sleeping au natural reduces the risk of yeast infections as tight underwear or warm clothes create the perfect environment for infections to thrive in. However gentlemen, there’s good news for you too. Fertility is believed to be increased as there seems that sleeping naked allows testes to remain at a healthier cooler temperature and that’s pretty important on the long term.

10. Keeps your sweet tooth at bay Restlessness or little sleep for a few silly reasons such as an inadequate temperature or unsuitable tight waistline nightwear cutting off circulation or silly bras can ask your brain to command your body to consume up to 30% more sugar. And as we all know it well, a moment on the lips may stay forever on the hips. If not forever, well at least until your visits to the gym get more frequent and hard work harder. So, will you ditch the PJs? 

Cool fact about sleeping naked: it improves your self esteem. No need to explain this one 😉 

Not yet convinced? Sleep on it then give it a try tonight…

Don’t forget to share the results of your experiment with us. 

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