How to do what you love. A word of advice from one of the world’s most powerful businessmen and proud grandfathers…

How to do what you love. Famous grandparents know best

Yes, it’s all about the royal babies these days but we also know that recently there were also additions to the Bransons’ family and one more grandfather joined the baby club: Sir Richard Brandson, founder of the Virgin brand and one of Britain’s highest profile billionaires. And we love happy proud grandparents and their excitement around the new generation’s bundles of joy!

The 64 year old successful businessman recently posted on his personal Facebook page a very interesting article on how to develop a business idea by simply doing what you love. While stating that ‘sometimes the best ideas are child’s play‘, he shared a sweet photoshoot of his gorgeous grandson.

It’s not his first writing using his cute grandchildren as visual aids models, but we all agree we enjoy it more than graphs, tables and numbers therefore Sir Brandson, keep sharing the perks of being a grandfather as we love it! ­čśë 
For all entrepreneurs among you, go on and check the article out, it’s worth taking a minute while checking the cute snapshots of the baby… 

Three must be his lucky number, Sir Richard Brandson is a proud father of three but also grandfather of the three little ones below here…


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