Boobies & a higher IQ


We, thirsty for knowledge while slightly jumpy worried mums, are all constantly researching on the amazing benefits of breastfeeding. We night have heard much about it even before deciding to jumping into this motherhood rollercoaster. But do we fully understand the concept or tend to underestimate its powers? Luckily, despite remaining the most natural bond to a baby, there have been several long term studies which have pointed to a link between breastfeeding and intelligence. 

According to a UNICEF research program, a study found that in the presence of a particular gene in the child, FADS2, breastfeeding can raise IQ by an average of 7 points. FADS2, is closely involved in the way the body processes fatty acids in the diet and has two genotypes – C and G. Some 90% of people carry the C version of the gene, which the scientists found was associated with better IQ scores in breastfed children. Breastfeeding had no effect on the IQ of the 10% of children who had G versions of the gene; however their outcomes were made no worse by breastfeeding.

Yet it’s also worth watching this very short video… 


Last but not least, breastfeeding had always been a vast topic and I’d like to spend more time on it discussing it with mums and researchers during future posts, so watch this space!

Mums and especially new mums, I’m waiting for all your questions breastfeeding related. Or share a story, experience or fun fact about it 😉

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