Ending child marriages. World Vision UK & Les Trois Soeurs Bridal

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My wedding was last year, on a perfectly bewitching beach. I remember I couldn’t ask for better weather, catering, company or a better outcome. It was the fine result of 10 years of day dreaming, bridal inspiration insta chasing and budget calculating and revising (lucky there was one!). The event itself was the ultimate experience I got to share with all my loved ones around me, one to remember and cherish forever. For millions of unfortunate young girls however, marriage is the exact opposite…

All over the world there are girls who are forced into marrying before they even get to grasp the concept of ‘bride’. According to World Visionthe world’s largest international children’s charity which is working hard to bring real hope to millions of children in the world’s hardest places, one girl under the age of 15 is forced into marriage every 7 seconds. 

Sourse: Wolrd Vision UK

The charity group is happy to announce that their beautiful cause is supported by Les Trois Soeurs Bridal, one of the most exclusive bridal boutiques in London at their Luxury Bridal Show on 4th of May at East Wintergarden on Canary Wharf. One particular notable guest at the event will be Lady Louisa Collings, who is an Ambassador for the international children’s charity, World Vision and sister of Lord March who owns the Goodwood Estate. Lady Collings will talk about educating girls in the developing world and how it helps to prevent early child marriage, a cause that Les Trois Soeurs is extremely passionate about. Part of the proceeds from the bridal show will be donated to World Vision UK to support the Girls’ Education project in Zimbabwe. This project aims to empower girls so that they can choose whom to marry, and only when they are old enough. I will, too, be there at the event supporting the project, as a mother and wife who knows that childhood is mandatory before womanhood takes over.

“Education gives girls the hope of qualifications, a job and an income. Without this they are destined, like generations before them, to an early marriage, birth complications, years of child birth and a life of poverty.”

You can too sponsor a girl now here or if you wish to read more on the subject, here’s Luxury Bridal Show says ‘Yes to the Dress’ and no to child bride. The event will showcase latest bridal collections and accessories from world’s designers including Alice Temperley, Zahavit Tshuba, Amanda Wakley, Jenny Packham,Oscar de La Renta, and milliner Philip Treacy. The brilliant US wedding dress designer Hayley Paige will also fly in for the occasion to offer the ultimate bridal experience to the lucky brides to be on her trunk show following the event.

Anna Pawleta Photography, Canary Wharf

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