Allmumstalk recommends Bubele – the app for cooler parents


Every now and then I run into some amazing mums who are not only  embracing motherhood and all the tricky fun that comes with it, but make the most of it while also helping other mums enjoy every second to the fullest. Yes, these mums make our journey easier with all their dedicated work and great ideas on where and when to go, what to see and which deals to hunt for. 

Here is an app I absolutely love, it’s fun, it’s easy to use and it has so many tips for parents and their bundles. Delighted to share the background story of Bubele from its very experienced founder Vivien de Tusch-Lec: 

“The idea for Bubele came when I had my first child. I moved from a high pressure work environment in a financial services start-up to being at home with a baby that would not stop crying with colic. The contrast was stark and after a few weeks I was feeling isolated. In addition I lived in Soho in the centre of London, and finding other like-minded parents seemed to be a daunting task. However I did meet some mum friends, when I went out to a library singing group, and those mums became fast friends.  


With a background in technology, journalism, and start-ups, I set about building up Bubele with Raphael, my technical co-founder. Initially we built a mobile app, which helps parents find nearby activities wherever they are in the UK. And from there we naturally branched out into local e-newsletters, each edited by a local editor parent. Many of the local editors say that the role also enables them to feel less isolated, more part of the world.  


My objective is to make it easier for any parent, wherever they are, to be able to get out and about with their child. And, on the commercial side, for brands to partner with us to bring relevant offers and discounts to local parents.  

I have worked in three other successful start-ups prior to Bubele, in financial technology, music and financial services. Working in the parenting space is a new and exciting challenge, and we are excited for our future growth’.


So I’d say, give it a try yourself and let me know your thoughts. Theatre plays, shopping discounts, outdoors fun, the list is endless with Bubele! Check out their Facebook page and get your local newsletter for even more cool motherhoody love. 


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Motherhood can be beautifully challenging yet tough. Good news, we’re all in this together! 

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