The Black Sea


We love the Black Sea. It’s one of those destinations that has it all, it’s a paradise of contrasts, from luxury hotels on the beach to the rough and raw hidden gems that not many tourists know about.

For the past few years we have been returning several times to Dobrogea, the east side region of Romania. Its vast history and wild natural beauty are becoming increasingly popular so I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that many of you have already visited this bewitching place.

Two years ago we decided to have our wedding right on the beach in Mamaia, Constanta (Constanta is the largest harbour on the Black Sea).

Nevertheless, one of the main reasons I decided to write this article is because this summer we discovered a heavenly hot spot, a fishing village called Gura Portiţei which is located on a narrow strip of sand between the Black Sea and Lake Goloviţa in the Danube Delta.

You cannot access the village by car, you can only get there by boats which makes it such a quiet and remote place, ideal for families such as ours or couples looking for the ultimate romantic gateway. It also makes the best choice for anyone who works in the city and want to disconnect from the buzzing world and swap the fast city rhythm to the beauty of slow living.

This area is part of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and if  you already have visited or even just googled Danube Delta, you’d know that this is a unique environment, being the largest and most remarkable river wetlands in Europe (also the largest home for over 300 year-round & migratory species of birds, including lots of pelicans flocks!)

Nonetheless the other reason I wanted to share this trip with you all is because I’m the girl up to all kind of travel experiences. I can easily do camping in the coldest mountain, climbing on the finest rocks, I could go on a quick weekend gateway on the other side of the world, even a long-haul to see a remote temple or the ruins of an ancient castle (I’ve mostly ticked all these boxes!) however never been on a safari experience! If we don’t count the UK safari places where curious giraffes are getting their heads inside your car, but it’s not quite the same as getting all the good weather and real African views, is it? 🙂

I’ve come to know and research more on the Yellow Zebra Safaris who are responsible for some  amazing travel holidays one can only dream of. Well, now you can pack your bags as their offers are so diverse and pretty cool, from family friendly to more adventurous experiences! We haven’t had our honeymoon yet (although it’s been over two years in the planning!) so who knows we might make it a safarimoon 😉

I’ve included below a few of my favourite pixels from Dobrogea, the last few ones are from the fishing village of Gura Portitei which I highly recommend for your future summer holiday!

One way or another, African safari must be in our cards soon!


The Black Sea

Rapeseed fields in Dobrogea

Constanta, The Black Sea


Gura Portitei

Bors de peste cu mamaliguta – Fish stew with polenta

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